Jan 09, 2021

"Crossroads" Timelapse

Have you ever watched an artist at work from start to finish? It's fascinating! Below is a time lapse of Stephen's "Crossroads" painting. A photo was taken at the end of each day over a month's time. Some days he worked on it for hours, some days just a few minutes. As the video steps through the days watch the details and magic appear.

Try focusing on just a small area of the painting and watch it all the way through and see how it materializes and takes shape, how the details pop in. For instance, the lead mule - Stephen actually moved it part of the way through. And the driver of the cart changes appearance at the end, watch his hat and coat. Oh, and the train goes from a broad sketch to highly detailed. I just can't stop watching it, can you?

Time Lapse Painting
A time lapse of Stephen's "Crossroads" painting.
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